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Special bolting, often urgently required and quality critical, has been manufactured at our facility for over two decades. And we deliver on time, every time.

We are a 100% service orientated company. Every employee is handpicked to give total co-operation. As an aid to this, all sales staff start at 8:00am each morning including Saturdays, and will not leave the premises until they are sure that their customers requirements have been met down to the last detail. As a compliment to this, the entire staff are on call 24/7 call out, as are all works personnel, and we invite you to use this facility anytime out of normal office hours (8:00am-6:30pm) by phoning 07915 945817
Quite simply the minimum manufacturing quantity is 1 (we strongly discourage our salespeople from taking orders for less).
We are extremely competitive. Prices will be refreshingly keen and thus reflect our eagerness to prove that we are indeed a market leader in the supply of urgently required special fasteners.
Direct Service Engineering Ltd undertakes a Broad range of manufacturing processes enabling us to provide exactly the right type of bolting for your needs.
A reality at no extra cost!
Over 50% of our orders are delivered within 2-3 days, either by DHL or our own transport. However, if the situations demands, we will charter a plane specifically for your consigment. Either way you can be assured of a delivery timed to the last minute.
Testing is our speciality. No-one can offer the service we can do in this field. Whether your bolts need to be yield tested at 300°C or your engineer insists the M46 bolts heads specified must be tensile tested FULL SIZE and the breaking load recorded by Lloyds, we can cope admirably!
Whatever the application, we have all the latest European, and Worldwide Standards, an essential factor considering our wide range of products and their uses.
We pride ourselves on a top quality product, excellent service and fast turnaround times!
Oil and Gas
Power Generation
Heavy Engineering
Test certificates to BSEN10204 3.1 can be supplied F.O.C. with all goods and are despatched with goods. Certificates are kept on file providing full traceability. Witness testing to your specific requirements can be arranged through authorised inspection bodies such as Lloyds. D.N.V. or A.B.S. (DIN 50049 3.1.C).
We work from your drawings. Send us your production drawings with your order and we will take it from there. We also store your drawings for repeat orders.